Monday, September 28, 2009

Too Poor for Ridiculousness

Sigh, so the Where the Wild Things Are X Opening Ceremony collection dropped today around 12ET, so of course I was UP AND READY at 11CT, and then I saw that the delicious Max suit is a whopping $610! Um, WHAT? So I guess in a few weeks, there will be a plethora of XS and S-sized rich hipsters/ironic gays running around wearing the play suit since all the XS and S are sold out already. (EXCEPT FOR THE 1 XS IN MY ONLINE TOTE THAT I AM GREEDILY HOARDING)

Also kind of gorgeous and slightly "cheaper" than that cursed Max suit is the Judith reversible vest.

I guess I'll just have to wait for the Pamela Love jewelry, supposedly not until October 1? *cries* How am I supposed to wait until Thursday? Should I get the vest to tide me over? Isn't it PRETTY? I need friends that will love and obsess over obscure and inaccessible fashion (for Texas) with me. Please inquire within.

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