Things I'm obsessed with; will change almost weekly.

re-watching old tv shows (freaks and geeks & my so-called life! ...what else can I watch next?)
Carter & Mojo
chocolate chip cookies with not a lot of chocolate chips
tomato + mozzarella sandwiches from whole foods
new shoes!

classical music
remembering to take at least one picture a day
the Barney's sale that is currently tormenting me
the greatest wool jacket ever
easy mac
ahi spicy tuna tower
watching movies at the Angelika
long hair
drinking lots of water

taiwanese pineapple cakes
teavana silver needle white tea/jinjaa citrus green tea blend
classical music
givenchy melancholia
using my leica more; getting a new camera
long hair
edward gorey's amphigorey
easy mac
shopping for clothes at target