Friday, September 25, 2009

Sucker for Certain Colors

A color that gets me every time - magnolia pink: (wouldn't this be a great camera bag?)

Distressed grey is good too:

Actually, all the colors available at are awesome. There's a "baltic sea" (read: denim) blue and a "fatigue" (read: army) green. I wish I had a reason to get one of each.

When it comes to leather, it's pretty safe to say that whenever designers make a good bag in a cognac/whiskey/camel, I die a little inside until I have one for myself.

[image from Opening Ceremony blog]

Oh, Alexander Wang. I've held off so long on your it-bags, why must you torment me now? I hope the Donna comes out in this color next spring, too. Or maybe I don't...for my bank account's sake?

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