Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Baggus

So, I'm not sure if you're aware, but there are a few things that, if you're going to be my friend/stalker, you should know about me.
  • I am curiously in love with elephants. Even a picture of an elephant or elephant print will make me squeal with glee. No idea where this comes from or how it came to be.
  • Kind of in a stripes moment, so anything with monochromatic stripes will catch my eye
  • My wardrobe consists mostly of grey, black, olive green, and blue, but my favorite color is pink.
  • Bags are a fascination of mine; some might call it a "hobby." It makes me happy to think of what I might use a bag for, or what things I might pack into a particular bag. Even picking out things like reusable bags is fun for me.
That being said, I want all of these new Baggu bags. The top one in grey leopard print is a collaboration with No. 6, which really seems to be everywhere right now. And that means I'm taking it to be a sign that I need to hurry up and get those No. 6 boots I've been wanting for a year and a half before they either a) go up in price or b) get more popular.

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