Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kamikaze Dog

So, THIS guy nearly gave me a stroke just now. We had been out at a friend's to hang out and watch Glee, and he was perfectly fine. He got a little antsy, and I figured, okay, he has to pee, no big deal. Take him out, and of course, he doesn't go. Fine. That's just fine.

We drove home, and once we got to our neighborhood, he started getting antsy again, so I think to myself, 'Oh, he's excited to go home!...or he really has to pee...' But I roll down the window and let him stick his head out, because he's done this billions of times and he doesn't even really like sticking his face out that much.

Then we get to our street, and TWO HOUSES before we get home, he decides to CRAWL/FALL OUT OF THE WINDOW. This is where my stroke happened.

He starts crying, I park the car haphazardly in the middle of the street, and when I see him limping towards me, I stare helplessly at my house, just trying to wake my parents up by sheer willpower. Finally, I manage to get him to stop crying and trying to scramble back into my car (?! what the heck is wrong with this dog?!) long enough to reach my phone and call my mom. There was actually another number I wanted to call too, but I refrained, as it's 1 in the morning, and I'm not a complete moron.

He's curled up in his bed now, and I'm taking him to the doc first thing in the morning, so the shock of what just happened has finally caught up and I'm being a big weirdo and crying while typing. Ridiculous.

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