Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ugly Truth

I've been so depressed the last few days that I've gone and gained 5lbs. FIVE. In less than that many days! I'm so full of depression that today, when my mom was joking that by the time she was my age, she was married and on her way to being said mom, I instantly burst into tears and ran to my bed.

FIVE POUNDS. And here I am, eating out of a gallon container of Blue Bell Southern Hospitality.

My mom thinks I'm crazy. Whatever, I need more ice cream.


  1. oh tina...this reminds me of my life. except for the ice cream part. but the other day i did nearly eat a vegan cookie even though i'd already had a lot of carbs that day and this afternoon i was dangerously close to getting red mango. lol. love you.

  2. i really want frozen yogurt now...