Friday, September 10, 2010

Shopping Diet?

The phrase has come and gone in my vocabulary, and every few months, I decide to scale down and calm down on the spending and needless buying. But then, a new season rolls around, and suddenly I NEED that jacket, and I NEED that cute dress, and I NEED those shoes. Is there a rehab for shopping addicts? Because there should be.

It's finally hit me, and hard, though; I have no money. None. Loan payments still happen every month, and my job prospects are still bleak. Am I thankful I have a roof over my head and food to eat? Of course. Is it pretty much easy living and comfortable at home with the mama and papa, you betchurass. But am I living within my means? ...Sadly, not. And it's well past the time for that.

So, I'm packing up some precious items to sell, REALLY cleaning out and organizing my closet this time, have a small budget for 2-3 more purchases lined up, and then I'm quitting. No, seriously. Is there an app for this? Or at least a patch? Can I please just find a real job, and then this won't be necessary?!

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  1. ahh i know! i am, as we speak, editing my closet to find items i don't want and sell them on ebay. then when i use that money to buy fall stuff, i won't feel bad because it was clothes i already had anyway.