Friday, July 30, 2010

Short Term Projects

Now that THAT'S over, the next 3ish months will be dedicated to completely pretending it never happened, and filling my time with other more interesting endeavors.
  • Dig through the needs v. wants in my wardrobe, make a "can only shop for these" list, be happy with my style-whatever it is
  • FINALLY get back into (re)learning my languages, starting with French
  • Attempt to do p90x
  • Discover old and new joys in life (so far: biking with Carter, watching all the Grace Kelly, Gene Kelly, Hepburn movies I can, journaling, trying new things, being happy with myself)
This also means documenting my 'journey' and sharing all the gory details. Stalkers love that kind of thing, right? ...I know I do...

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