Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's 10:45...

Do you know where your doggie is?

Mine is outside playing with his best buddy. They like to lay together, forming a circle, simultaneously chewing on each other's feet. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

This is a going to be a post about what I did today.

Today, I went and ate at the Burger Bar at Neiman's for lunch with a friend. I had the Asian Salmon Burger, which sounds weird, but listen: it had a lovely grilled salmon filet, cold and crispy slices of cucumber, long strips of sweet mango, crunchy slices of daikon, leafy fresh arugula (? I think), and a creamy miso dipping sauce. It was deliciously mouth-watering. What was funny was the fact that not only were we the only 2 minorities in the entire place, but we were also the only people under the age of 50.

Afterwards, he had to go back to work, or at least, make and appearance and then leave, as he gets to work at 6:30AM so that he can leave by 3PM, and I was supposed to go home and study. Instead, I spent half an hour wandering Neimans and Barneys, caressing their Balenciaga selections. 30 minutes well spent, in my opinion.

The rest of the day is kind of a blur, but I know I went to the bank and post office, wasted a lot of time online, took a nap with my bebbeh puppeh, and STUDIED. Whew. Glad I could fit that in my busy schedule of uselessness. Also, Carter is now just shy of 40lbs at 4.5 months. What a big big baby he is.

Then, my mom brought home a small ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. She didn't buy me a cake on my birthday, but she got one today...because she wanted one. Then she made me eat it with her so that she wouldn't have to eat alone, and when I brought up the fact that she didn't even get me a cake, she goes, "Oh, do we have to talk about that!" and left the room. RUDE.

Now, I'm sitting here, slathering bug bite cream on my leg whilst I alternate between reading a page of notes and generally trolling around on the internets. This was my very necessary break from that.

I know it's kind of hard to tell, because I tried to make the tone of this post light-hearted, but I'm a little bit woozy and wobbly. From what, I'm not sure. Anxiety? Anticipation? Alb...Bad ice cream cake?

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