Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

"1. D's act must be extreme and outrageous. But words alone or a threat of future outrageous behavior MAY prove the tort.
2. P's special sensitivity is not considered unless D knows of P's special sensitivity.
Example: Sara's daughter died from food poisoning at McDonald's. At the funeral, Adam. asked Sara if she wanted to get a Big Mac."

I had a little bit (read: kind of a lot) of a breakdown (read: streaming tears, soaked papers, general tearing at my hair, etc.) just now as I was checking my past scores and saw just how small my margin of failure was. Then I read this passage in my review materials, and laughed. Maybe a little too loudly.

In other news, one of my BFFs is coming up from Austin tomorrow afternoon, and then we're going to see THE GAGA in concert! Good idea of something to do before impending doom? Probably not, but it's too late now.

That boy is a monster...he ate my heart...

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