Sunday, July 11, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering

You probably weren't, but here goes anyways:
  • I have NOT studied 10 hours a day. I do, however, sit at my desk for close to that amount of time. Doing what, I'm not sure.
  • I've sold 4 bags in order to pay off my cc by myself...and one. It's an addiction, okay?
  • I bought a bike; Carter runs behind me as his daily exercise. He's quite slow and has no endurance. It makes me laugh.
  • Either Madewell sizing is like J.Crew's where it's sized for larger people (normally an 8? try a 4 at J.Crew), or I've officially graduated to a Small. That hasn't been the case since...high school.
  • Desperately need a new phone as the buttons on mine are literally falling off. Family debating between Droid and iPhone. I don't care - just get me a new phone.
  • Trip to HP World has been booked for August! I plan on buying something from every Hogsmeade store, even if the line is 3 hours long to get a wand.
  • 2.5 months after, I'm not crying every day anymore. Had a revelation of sorts, and though I am neither happy nor confident in myself, the fact that I am aware of these things and not just a shell of a human being is a step forward. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm still in love. Faintly. Factually. Perhaps foolishly.
  • I turn 26 this month. Another crappy birthday, I'm sure. Haven't had a good one since I turned 20. That was a good one.
  • Every time I step outside between the hours of 7-9pm, I get bitten. If there were really such things as vampires (sparkly or traditional), I'd be the first to go.
  • Went out last night, probably against my better judgment - seeing as how today I am sick and didn't get any studying done - but whatever, and partied with new-to-me married friends and some kind of awesome Filipino dudes who spent all night doing some old school mean-mugging thug-dancing and pretending to rave. I laughed a lot; I love Filipinos.
  • Carter is easily 3x as big as he was at 10 weeks old; he is currently only 16 weeks. His paws are hilariously large, only confirming the fact that he is going to be HUGE! My love for him knows no bounds. He likes cuddling with me when I go outside and enjoys having his head on whatever part of my body is closest when he's laying down. When his nubby little tail wags, my heart swells. Is it crazy to want a bag that matches his beautiful grey coat? If you know me at all, you'll know how big of a statement that is. He's that lovely and precious to me.
  • Seeing as how I'm achingly sick for the first time in months, I'm going to bed before midnight tonight, guys! Tomorrow is a new day.

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