Friday, June 18, 2010

Random Things

  • Would you invest in crazy shoes that are awesome but that you wouldn't have much opportunity to wear or another black clutch?
  • I am really craving polenta and some cheese & mushroom ravioli for some reason.
  • Jury duty on June 29 for the first time ever...makes me wish I had an iPad.
  • Nonstop listening to Schindler's List OST is relaxing.
  • Carter is now 27lbs at 15 weeks old; it's all in his belly. Also, he is a classic beta - it's cute.
  • Why is it that when I finally buckle down and am determined to focus, everything and everyone else must suddenly reappear in my life?
  • White or black iPhone 4?
  • My friend from high school is getting married this weekend (Congrats, Thi + Andy!) and I'm MOH! First time in my life! I think I might retire after this one...
  • Dear Life, yanking the rug out from under me was a B thing to do, but I'm doing fairly better now, so F you.
  • Thanks, Love, Tina.

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