Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stone Me if You Must

So...lately I've been helping out my mom at the family restaurant since my dad is out of town for the next month, and it's really gotten me thinking about comfortable work shoes for people who stand all day. I've tried flip-flops (I just stand behind the counter, so it's okay), sandals, and flats, and my feet always get achey around the 2nd hour - I can't even imagine how my parents deal with it all day, every day.

My mom went and got some Crocs, the ballet shoe kind of looking ones, and she let me try them on. God help me, I must admit that they are the most comfortable shoes I've worn, maybe ever, except for Uggs. And I LOVE my Uggs, I don't care what every fashion forward style maven tells me, you will have to pry my Uggs off my cold dead body (but with warm and comfy feet)! Why are all the comfortable shoes so ugly?

Now, what I'm thinking is this. I could get the pair pictured above and just stud the crap out of the front section so I feel better about myself AND my feetsies won't want to go on strike and walk off without me after a day at the restaurant. Good idea? I have to think about it, but I'm pretty sure that after a few more days of this, I'll cave, even though I had always said that I would rather die than wear Crocs. Hey, man, people can change in desperate times. Right? Leave your thoughts.

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  1. Ohh boy...this is a tough one. You could always leave them at work and change in and out...idk, I just couldn't leave the hous in them!