Monday, December 21, 2009

Christopher Kane is CKrazy

Okay, sorry for the lame title. This shirt is kind of cool, right? Different, funky, kind of hip?

But AHAHAHAHA if Christopher Kane or anyone else thinks I'm gonna pay $295 for a printed t-shirt. I mean, unless the thing is sewn with pure spun gold and the print is made of colored diamonds ground into a fine dust and then made into an ink...wait, nope. Still wouldn't pay 300 bucks for a t-shirt. Nice try, buddy. First it was the gorilla shirt, and now these atomic blast shirts. If there are more than 5 people (which I can almost guarantee) wearing these at the next fashion week, I will laugh at the predictability of the measurement of coolness by which some people live their lives.

And then I'll probably spend a few minutes jealous that they have a piece of Christopher Kane in their closet. And then I'll remind myself it was worth 30 movies/a mid-range designer handbag/eating out 10-20x a month/one Louboutin pump/more than an iTouch, and then I'll feel better about myself.

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