Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Art of Tim Burton

In my family, we don't really celebrate Christmas in the traditional manner - that is to say, we don't really celebrate it at all. What usually happens is that I go all gift-happy and buy my parents and brother a bunch of presents, my brother may or may not buy me a gift, and my parents feel bad and will give me a Chinese "red envelope" with money a bit later. I don't mind the arrangement; I just really enjoy giving gifts and seeing people react to them.

So this year, I bought myself a few presents to unwrap on Christmas, most notably, a special book!

Only available through steelepublishing (Not sold in stores! Limited time offer! Get yours today! ...I could totally be an infomercial.) You can get the "standard" edition, which is just the book as is, for $69.99, or, if you've got the dough/are a desperate die-hard fan, you could take the plunge and get the "deluxe" version for $299.99! Includes autographed book and a numbered and signed lithograph.

As much as I LOVE Tim Burton, I just couldn't justify paying an extra 230 buckaroos for a signature and a picture, even though I do have a modest art print collection...sigh. Maybe I should have just sucked it up and gotten the de-luxe! Whatevs, yo. At least I have the book! And we will be united, finally, on Friday!

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