Monday, August 17, 2009

Women's Gymnastics

Visa Championships at the American Airlines Center was on Saturday. I was (and maybe still am) a teeny bit sad that my FIRST time at the AA center was for gymnastics and not for basketball, but the program turned out to be pretty fun/funny, and I had a surprisingly good time. We mainly paid because we thought Shawn Johnson would be there, and she's a cutie, but she didn't compete. Though she was there and made a few appearances throughout! So...that kind of made up for it. (Not really.)

Spent most of the time cheering for the 1 Asian girl competing, Ivana Hong, from Lovejoy, Texas. She was kicking butt until the floor routine, where hers was less than spectacular. Pretty sure a lot of the crowd around us thought we were related to her or something, because that was what we were aiming for by screaming "GO IVANA! WOOOOO!"

You know, being THOSE girls

Saw all the 2008 USA Olympic Team, men and women, so that was cool. Do you see Shawn Johnson?

And now I'm determined to make it to at least ONE Mavs game this season. Someone invite me to go with them, thanks.

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