Friday, August 14, 2009

I Like Toys

The Kidrobot Dallas Pop-up Shop is here through the holidays...and that just means that even after moving away from NYC, Kidrobot still found a way to take my money. Being a 'grown' woman out of grad school, wearing the clothes is a bit much. But my shelves are laden with their vinyl toys, and I am not ashamed. Nor was I ashamed when I jumped up and down in the store when I got the toy I wanted yesterday. Awkward is my middle name.

Between my brother and myself, we've got Nibbler, Bender, Sal (a chaser), and Mom. Jackpot would be getting Zoidberg, Robot Devil, and the other chaser - Slurm worm? Slurms Mckenzie? Blind box toys are dangerous, but the fun is all in the moments right before you tear it open.

Got my brother this pirate key chain a few months ago, and he managed to break it somehow. He tried to get lucky and replace it, but the box yielded him the army guy, below.

Being that my boyfriend is an army guy, I was gifted with this while my brother holds out for another pirate. I love it.

For the next few months, I'm living the rockstar life in my old room at my parents' house here in the burbs of Dallas, while I:
  • a) study for and take the patent bar,
  • b) wait for my actual bar results to come out in November,
  • c) wait for the boyfriend to come home from Afghanistan,
  • d) look for a job in DC or NYC, and
  • e) get ready to start the next phase of my life.

This will be my attempt at documenting my life on a regular basis. Don't hold your breath. I mean, it's a Friday night, and I'm at home taking pictures of my toys and starting a blog.

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